Top 5 Online Learning Platforms which you can utilize for skill improvement in lockdown

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Hello fellas!!!!!! before getting to our article about Top 5 online Learning platforms which everybody can utilize for skill development in 2020. I would like to thank you for showering your love on my previous blog about OnePlus Nord specifications.If you have not checked out yet, click here.

We all know that, this corona pandemic made our life much miserable and boring. In this situation many of us explored the new things and found many of new talents and discovered many things we did not know before.

If you are engineering student or any field student……

Imagine yourself in a situation after your graduation….. You are going for interview…. and your interviewer asks you about utilisation of pandemic situation…

They ask you,” How did you utilize your lockdown period? ” , then if you just only watched Netflix shows and played Mobile games , then my friend you are doomed in your interview..

There is a less chance that the recruiter will hire you because they will find you as a lazy person or in-active person who did not make most of time when everybody utilized their respective time in pandemic by learning new skills…..

Do not worry my friend, your Nerdy helper is here for you providing some list of Online learning Platform where you can acquire many skills in this pandemic situation…. Here we go,

(1) YouTube: A Weapon as a online learning platform

Online learning platforms

I know you all will be saying, We all know youtube as a online platform…. but in the reality, just with honesty we can tell that we are not fully utilizing YouTube …… That is the true fact and we all agree with that, aren’t we?

You will be asking so how can we utilize our YouTube learning… I am not telling you to quit watching your routine entertainment stuffs like your favourite stand ups or PUBG streams, but for your sake, try to give some time for various channels which can increase your knowledge and give you various skills which you wanted to learn.

Here by I am listing Various Category wise list of channels that will help you in terms of skill development and in your academics too…

Technology Section :

Technical Guruji

Marques Brownlee

Android Authority

There are many Youtube channels for technology but if I start to list them all , you all will be bored….


Programming Section:



Derek Banas.


Love Babbar

Take U Forward


Marketing Skills and Digital Awareness:

Neil Patel


Brian dean


Digital Marketer



I am personally recommend you to watch following YouTube Channels for improvements in yourself:

Aman Dhattarwal

Apni Kaksha

That is all for YouTube guys, hoping you would be learning something new from these channels…..

Let us move on the further platform….

2) Coursera,Udemy, edX, sololearn : Online courses learning platform


Maybe most of college students know these various online platforms. Coursera,Udemy,edX are leading online learning platform in this time.I am hoping most of students are using these facilities . I am listing some of the best courses on various platforms.

Best courses on coursera:

  • Google IT Automation with Python by Google.
  • The Science of Well-Being by Yale.
  • IBM Data Science by IBM.
  • Machine Learning by Stanford.
  • Python for Everybody by University of Michigan.
  • Google IT Support by Google.
  • Deep Learning by
  • Data Science by Johns Hopkins University.

Fantastic courses on Udemy/ Udacity:

  • Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from Zero to Hero in Python 3. …
  • Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced. …
  • The Complete Digital Marketing Course. …
  • The Complete 2020 Web Development Bootcamp. …
  • The Data Science Course 2020: Complete Data Science Bootcamp

You will surely get more information on these respected online learning platforms

Let us move on next platform…. which is one of the most important platforms….

(3) Google Digital Garage :- A Tool which is exclusively available for students

Google Digital Garage can give you a set of powerful skill which is going to be in demand after this corona pandemic.I am listing some of the courses which you can enroll for free and learn these skills from the best teacher “Google”…..

  •  Fundamental of Digital Marketing
  •  Intro to Digital Well being
  •  Improve your online business security

If you want to learn, You can visit to Google Digital Garage

Friends, Let us move to next platform which may be not known as a contender of Top 5 Online learning platforms but it is also considered as one of the best online learning platforms

(4) Internshala : Internship platform which has some of the great courses

Internshala is also known as one of the best platforms for internships for college… It has some courses which has a great value and also contains hands on projects which can improve your resume and skill set. which is why I included this platform in top 5 online learning platforms

Here I am listing some of the courses on internshala which are worth paying your money:

  • Programming With Python
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Ethical Hacking
  • AutoCAD
  • Creative Writing
  • French Language
  • Business Communication Skills

If you want to access these courses, visit Internshala Training Site

We are on verge of ending the post but before ending the post let us go to the most important online learning platform. Which is one of the most fantastic platforms, so now let us go on the platform which can surely change your life…..

(5) LinkedIn: One of the Most Powerful tool people can not utilize

Yes, Linkedin is one of the most important tool which is mostly known for networking with your friends to professional recruiter of various companies like Google,Uber,Amazon.

I would say Linkedin is not the course type online learning platform but it is one of the most significant platforms. that is why we have to include this in Top 5 Online Learning Platforms…

The reason it is significant : When You create your profile on Linkedin in order to approve your skill, you have to clear your linkedin certification exams… for which Linkedin learning portal is there for you. No doubt it has some free access and most of paid, but when you have a certification of Linkedin….

You have better skill set and you can be easily reached by recruiters. and if you do not take subscription of premium learning…..

atleast make a account on Linkedin and make a network with…

  •  School Friends
  •  College Friends
  •  Seniors in College
  •  Professors
  • Follow the companies which recruits from your area of academic skill set and expertise.

Trust me, You will gain a lot more knowledge about latest trends in your field and sophistication in presentation and various projects and tips which will be enough to boost you from ground to top of the world..

I assure you that you will surely get benefits from LinkedIn …. Here by I am Putting My LinkedIn profile link… which will give you a idea how all of this mechanism works.. and you can also send me a connection request, I will be happy to accept your request…

Darshan Joshi


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