Google Cloud Program 2020 | Perfect Opportunity to Learn and Implement from best in the business

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Hello everybody!!!!!! How are you all doing? Before going to today’s post about…. Google Cloud Program-2020


google cloud program


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I was searching for some fruitful content for posting in my website. Because A Tech Blog is never about some gadget reviews or else.It is always about to learn some new technological aspects and implement that in our routine life very easily.

Before my mid semester exams started, I got a message about Google cloud program-2020 in DSC Whatsapp group. Basically most of you know the DSC as Developer Student Club which is powered by Google. Many colleges of India and also out of India promotes this DSC culture because it improves the development among the students. I will provide all links below if you want to visit the DSC site and their various social media platforms.


Instagram:- DSC

LinkedIn:- DSC

Today I am just going to give you brief introduction about Google Cloud Program… I am planning to start a series about these Google Cloud Program content so that, You can also learn and improve yourselves…

please write about above suggestion in comment box so that I can prepare that content for you…

Now I will give you details about the Google Cloud Program as per below….


google cloud program


30 Days of Google Cloud Program


30 Days of Google Cloud program will provide you an opportunity to kickstart your career in cloud and get hands-on practice on Google Cloud Platform – the tool that powers apps like Google Search, Gmail and YouTube.

Google Cloud Program is the program sponsored by Google and Qwiklabs. GCP gives you chance to learn from Google Cloud Platform with hands-on lab where you can actually create, manage and manipulate cloud resources…


As part of the program you will learn concepts like computing, application development, big data & machine learning using cloud. There are two tracks to choose from:

  • Cloud Engineering 
  • Data Science & Machine Learning 

Each tracks have plenty of hands-on lab and concept learning with actual Google cloud resources which can enhance your skill set level…

 Track 1:-Cloud Engineering

Cloud Engineering track is designed in such a way that you are actually working on Google cloud console, creating virtual machines and deploying servers. Don’t worry if you do not know any of these tasks, because GCP and Qwiklabs will give you proper instructions and hands-on practicals..

After Completing every will get a digital badge which you can show-off in linkedin or in your resume…


 Track 2:- Data Science and Machine Learning Track

We all know that Data Science and Machine Learning is the most potential thing in the technological area and as far we know that every CS/IT professional is once attracted to ML and Data science. You can have a edge with working hands on lab on Google Cloud and Qwiklabs…

As per the first track, after completion of every quest, you will be getting digital badge which can improve your resume and your skill set…


Most Important Announcement about Google Cloud Program

The Biggest Surprise is that if you complete any of track in the given time schedule, you can win some goodies by Google cloud itself.

Track 1:- Cloud Engineering (Google Cloud Program)

You can earn the prize* given below by just completing all the labs and getting all skill badges that are part of the Cloud Engineering Track.

you will also win a Google Cloud sticker pack with  both the tracks

Track 2:- Data Science and Machine Learning Track (Google Cloud Program)

You can earn the prize* given below by just completing all the labs and getting all skill badges that are part of the Data Science and Machine Learning Track.


Bonus Prize:

Anyone can complete both the tracks in the given time limit. They will get an additional goodie from Google with both the T-shirts…

For more details: You can visit the official site of

30 Days of Google Cloud

The registration for 2020 is closed but due to massive positive response and lack of cloud resources provision… Google Cloud is planning to launch this program again in some time so stay tuned for it..

If you are a college student and you have the resources.. you can pull it off and it will be massive skill improvement..

or you are a school student, you can at least research on these things so that you can have a edge over competition

Here by I am concluding my post… If you find it relatable please comment on it and share it to show your support.It would be a great thing.. Stay Tuned for more content on Nerdy Helper and Follow us on various platforms. links are given here.

Sayonara..Good Bye…Stay Home, Stay Safe!!!!!

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